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INVENTICS SA was founded in 2000 in Thessaloniki. Stathis Parcharidis is the main shareholder and CEO of the company. In 2008 INVENTICS expanded in Athens, in January 2011 INVENTICS Ltd is established in London and in 2019 Stathis Parcharidis starts Inc in the USA.

INVENTICS is distinguished for its innovation, creativity and extroversion in organizing and broadcasting events in a modern, high-standard, online digital age.

Main Business Units:

  • - conferences and events organization
  •, .com – global platform for hybrid and digital conferences and events, web streaming and event services is specialised in the field of conferences and events as a distinguished Professional Conference Organizer. It provides a full range of conference organization and hospitality management services, emphasizing on the detail and creating unique events. stands out for its creativity, dedication and focus on perfection from the first to the last moment of the organization.

Livemedia is specialised in the field of broadcasting via the web as a platform for hybrid and digital conferences and events. Moving forward to the new digital eram it provides high quality services using innovative technologies, specialized staff, transforming the event to an interactive, unique experience, adapting with flexibility and creativity to the needs of both the organizer and the participants. Livemedia's goal is high quality broadcasting services. Its clients are institutions, companies and educational institutions, in Greece and abroad.









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"By creating INVENTICS we converted our innovative visions into actions.
The future for INVENTICS has yet arrived and all that remains, is the expansion of its services worldwide, stepping firmly on the solid foundations we have created with great effort throughout these years."

Stathis Parcharidis, Chairman and CEO of INVENTICS Α.Ε.


  • history


    Stathis Parcharidis, Mechanical Engineer with postgraduate studies in Management and Operational Research and a Ph.D. in Economics, invents INVENTICS and founds the homonymous company based in his hometown, Thessaloniki.
    Originally, INVENTICS focuses on Internet services and web development, which will soon become the exclusive responsibility of the department.

  • history


    INVENTICS is innovated with the department, that is boldly involved with events and conferences live broadcast production, at a time when low Internet connection speeds and limited Internet penetration made this project seem too ambitious.

  • history


    INVENTICS creates its third department,, completing this way its services by providing organizational support for specialized scientific and business events.

  • history

    2004 is awarded by SEPVE (Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece) as an innovative service in the field of live broadcasts, within the project Diktiothite & Diakrithite (to Network and Distinguish).

  • history


    the company is moving to its new offices, in the Technopolis area of Thessaloniki, where the highest technology companies of Northern Greece are based.

  • history


    In September the inauguration of the new facilities is celebrated in an ambiance of optimism and creativity with the presence of many partners, clients and friends.

  • history


    INVENTICS dynamically expands its operations by opening new offices in the business center of Athens, the Athens Tower, at Messogion Avenue.

  • history

    2010 travels for the first time outside Greek borders with the award of a project in Yerevan, Armenia.

  • history


    Stathis Parcharidis turns extroversion from philosophy – to action, by founding INVENTICS LTD based in London and main scope of expertise the live broadcast of events and conferences through
    In September of the same year, Livemedia broadcasts overseas, covering the 20th National Congress of Pan-Pontiac Federation of USA and Canada conducted in the city Norwalk, USA.

  • history


    INVENTICS acquires the domain name and broadcasts live events around the world through a "global" name.

  • history


    A new era begins for the Livemedia webTV! Journalists, cameramen and specialized technicians record significant events and ensure the best quality of broadcast, by using high technology. Livemedia begins Web show productions: LIVE with Irene Syraki, LIFE with Elsa Poimenidou, BEAUTIFUL GREECE with Marni Hadjiemmanuil, CINE LIVE with Galatea Eleftheriou and Christos Bellas

  • history


    Livemedia expands its business presence in Conference coverage to Europe and USA and launches an ambitious corporate strategy, building a worldwide network of partners. The company supports the production and distribution of multi-thematic documentary programs for the web, focusing on domestic and international human affairs.

  • history


    INVENTICS LTD registers Livemedia as a trademark in the UK and USA. At the same time, Livemedia develops an integrated system of services and applications for conferences and events, Livemedia Event Services, used by companies and organizations to achieve organization at industrial level. The same year, the group of Livemedia journalists is expanding focusing on daily reportage throughout Greece.

  • history


    After a long and successful partnership with Appia Tours, INVENTICS Α.Ε. proceeds to acquisition of Appia Tours and becomes a strong player in tourism services as a DMC with the brand The company aims to develop its brand in incoming and outgoing thematic tourism, combining experience with innovative technologies.

    The same year, Livemedia receives the Silver Award in the category "Best of Web Presence in Radio & Broadcasts" of WebX Awards and two awards from EPSMATH and International Marathon "Alexander the Great" for its continuous promotion of cycling and street sports.

  • history


    Stathis Parcharidis incorporated Inc in the USA.

  • history


    Livemedia ++ begins developing. A Livemedia artificial intelligence service that is able to find the highlights in large conferences.

    As a result, someone can attend very large conferences with many rooms in a short period of time.

  • history


    Livemedia starts organising fully digital events and conferences.

  • history


    Begining of collaboration with Information's Technology Institute (ITI) to develop Livemedia Events Platform



Technopolis, THERMI II Building
9th km. Thessaloniki-Thermi,
P.O. BOX 60714, 57001 Thermi
Thessaloniki, Greece

Info: Technopolis Thessaloniki hosts the most important IT Companies of Northern Greece.

: 2310 474.400
Fax: 2310 801.454
email: [email protected]

Athens Office

Athens Tower
2 - 4 Messogion
11527 Athens
Building B

Athens Tower is the highest business building of Greece.

: 211 800.27.70
Fax: 2310 801.454
email: [email protected]

(Regus Centre)
33 Cavendish Square,
London, W1G 0PW
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 203 514 5450
email: [email protected]




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